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Co-Driver Status

As the co-driver (I team with my husband) this app does not recognize me when i use it to send the paperwork in, it does not recognize my hours correctly, i cannot use the app like my husband does, and messages that my FM sends only goes to my husbands phone. I think you should adjust this app so everyone who drives can use it. Other than those issues i think its a great app. Sincerely Janelle Ivins

This is the best and the most helpful app ever.

I just started with TMC and in the short time I have been using this app it's been very helpful


Great interactive app in real time. Very convenient, informative and up to date. Excellent tool.


This makes are job so much easier and more proficient when checking in with shippers with the info right at our fingertips......Thank You


Makes my job so much easier. Love it.

Great App!

Everything you need to keep up with your loads is right here. You can track all of your information in one spot! TMC you never fail to impress!

TMC app

I love it!

Definitely keeping up with technology

Awesome App!! Load numbers, weather, satellite view of locations, weather, send or receive messages away from the truck, even check if my 30 min break is up. Way to go TMC!!


I pity the fool that don't use this app. Lol. Great app and getting better keep up the good work I.T.

TMC App review

The application makes work so much easier every tool is at your fingertips. Every load has detailed information that gives you an idea of what to expect before you arrive. With the recent update it's even better than before. It gives you a good feeling when the technology that you have with 1 app does what 3 can.

Great tool

Dispatch info, maps, weather, HOS, messaging, and more. Only gripe is an intermittent crashing issue. Not sure if it's the app or the iPhone 6s I run it on. I use the app multiple times daily and crashes maybe 3 times a week. Still a must have app for TMC drivers.

Dedicated Rte!!

Unbelievable app, just when I thought I was pleased with the app they made it even better. I'm more than happy, and it makes the job much easier, thanks!!


Great updates with HOS addition and user friendly functions.

Love it.

I love this app! It's put everything you need as a driver in your fingertips even away from the truck. Loads, Hours of Service remaining, weather, and communication with all the office personnel. Keep up the good work!!


Fantastic update and a good working app.. thanks guys!! Keep up the good work!

TMC Rules

This update is above and beyond! thanks guys keep up the good work. This app has made our lives easier, as drivers, and the addition of the weather in particular has reached a level of information at our fingertips that never even crossed my mind. Things have came a long way since the green screen comm system but as always with the TMC experience our in house work is excellence and the destination is always reached.

All good except....

I like the app, but when I try to go into my messages, it kicks me out of the app. I have over 600 messages and cannot delete them except one at a time. I have uninstalled and installed three times with no success.

Rate app

Not to impressed. Not all messages go through or if using dates such as vacation time it shows or puts in different than you do


This app is awesome. Way better than the Qualcomm. It at least let you know who the message is coming from this way you can decide whether to stop and read the it or keep trucking that's awesome to me


A great step in the right direction.

Great app

Love this app. The ability to be away from the truck while waiting on a load or anything else is awesome.

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